InfraBaldan 3.0 at SKNOLOGY

The patented system designed to trigger and boost the aerobic metabolism, weight loss and wellbeing.

We combined near infrared therapy, with moderate aerobic exercise in order to deliver outstanding results in weight loss, body toning, wellbeing, healing, inflammation, obesity and much more. Treat your body right and enhance your life with our unique technology.


The Science & Research

Researchers have found overwhelming evidence that when MIACT technology was applied to local areas, or the entire body, it increased blood circulation leading to many significant health benefits, including for those suffering from insomnia, fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, nerve pain and inflammation, obesity, sports injury, stress and so much more. An ever-growing body of clinical evidence now supports the use of Near Infrared stimulation as a non-invasive weight loss, spot reduction and health promoting therapy.

Infrabaldan 3.0 was developed in 1994 by Fabio Paolo Marchesi and has been further tested and perfected over the last 25 years. It is now patented and scientifically proven to activate the aerobic metabolism, enhance and maintain weight loss and increase feelings of wellbeing with exceptional and long-lasting results.


WEIGHTLOSS Infrabaldan 3.0 synchronises its infrared stimulation with your heart rate which helps your body burn fat continuously for up to 24 hours after treatment, ensuring natural long-lasting weight loss.


BODY SCULPTING & TONING Infrabaldan 3.0 allows you to customise the treatment and target specific areas of concern, changing your body shape by reducing localised fat and toning muscles effectively.


JOINT AND MUSCLE PAIN It has been proven repeatedly that Near Infrared light therapy is a safe, drug-free and effective method for long-lasting pain relief, reducing inflammation and muscle pain, anywhere in your body.


BOOSTS IMMUNITY Infrabaldan 3.0 raises your body temperature to boost immunity by producing more white blood cells. It also causes blood vessel dilation, enhancing circulation and oxygen delivery throughout your body.


INJURY RECOVERY Near Infrared stimulation increases blood circulation to injury sites and areas of chronic pain, increasing cellular flow in these areas. This results in an accelerated relief from pain and the regeneration of damaged cells.


MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING Infrabaldan 3.0 training sessions release endorphins, serotonin and melatonin which all help to improve feelings of wellbeing and vitality. This encourages many significant health benefits including stress relief and regulation of the sleep/wake cycle.

Try the Infrabaldan 3.0 at SKNOLOGY

As part of their continued focus on treating the body as a whole, SKNOLOGY are proud to be one of the first clinics in the UK to launch Infrabaldan 3.0

Each 40 minute Infrabaldan 3.0 therapy session is tailored to you. A screen allows you to watch your favourite Netflix shows at the same time as your treatment, giving you 40 minutes of complete you-time.
Once your desired goal has been achieved from your Infrabaldan 3.0 sessions and your metabolism has been ‘re-educated’, just a monthly maintenance will suffice to sustain results.


How does Infrabaldan 3.0 work?

Already hugely successful in Italy and Switzerland, Infrabaldan 3.0 is a patented, scientifically proven system that delivers unequalled results for weightloss, health, and wellbeing. This innovative programme has been designed uniquely to combine the many benefits of Near Infrared light therapy with aerobic movement, resulting in an increase of the metabolism, weight loss, body toning, improved circulation, and many other long-term health and wellbeing benefits.

By combining targeted Near Infrared light to the body, with low intensity constant movement, Infrabaldan 3.0 has been scientifically proven to activate the metabolism, causing the body to break down fat cells where they accumulate the most. By stimulating and re-educating the metabolism, fat continues to burn for up to 24 hours a day allowing for long-lasting results. Not only can Infrabaldan 3.0 offer the numerous health benefits of Near Infrared therapy, it is also a unique weight loss system. Using Near Infrared lamps to target specific problem areas of the body, with Infrabaldan 3.0 you can choose where to lose weight from, sculpting and toning your body shape effectively. Synchronised with your heart rate, Infrabaldan 3.0 is tailored to the individual user, working with you, no matter what your physical fitness may be.


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